Project Solutions Alliance Members

Lexem Strategy is pleased to be a founding member of the Project Solutions Alliance. This strategic alliance has been formed in an effort to create best-in-class service and product offerings for diverse corporate clients in the areas of Program, Project, and Portfolio Management all at an incredible value. Each organization in the Project Solutions Alliance brings a unique set of skills and capabilities with an eye on innovation and project efficiency.

Project Management & Global Delivery

PM Consulting Group
U.S. Federal Solutions Partner

Protegic Pty Ltd
Asia Pacific Strategic Partner

CANEA Consulting Group
European Strategic Partner

Project Planning & Cost Management

K2 Consulting Inc.

Primavera and Construction Solutions Partner

Lexem Strategy
Performance Management Solutions Partner

Biotech Project Control Solutions (Lexem wholly owned subsidiary)
Biotech and Pharmaceutical Provider

Acquisitions and Procurement Management

Eagle One Solutions

Acquisitions Solutions Partner

Technology Solutions

Federal Hill Solutions

Technology Alliance Provider

CANEA Consulting Group
Project Management Technology Provider

Project Performance Technology Provider