Introducing the CANEA Framework

Lexem is a proud reseller of CANEA products for Integrated Project Management solutions, call us for help and integration support. Modern, affordable, comprehensive and easy to use solution for the integrated management system! The CANEA Framework provides a modular web-based suite that’s developed with Microsoft technology (.NET / SQL). Our applications integrate out of the box with MS SharePoint and can be installed as a perpetual license or hosted as part of our Lexem PMO Cloud solution.


  1. Better understanding, acceptance and compliance with project methodology
  2. Enables collaboration and cooperation within projects
  3. Reduced costs for project administration
  4. Enables prioritization of projects
  5. Continuous lessons learned from completed projects
  6. Improved planning of projects
  7. Easier to involve external team members
  8. Makes it possible to manage and monitor resources
  9. Improved analysis of project portfolios and status
  10. Integrated and customized dashboards


  1. Automated and truly integrated workflows
  2. Simplifies reporting of cases
  3. Enhances efficiency of handover & handling
  4. Encourages and simplifies communication
  5. Streamlines ways of working
  6. Better overview and prioritization support
  7. Enables measurement of key business processes
  8. Reduces administration and manual work
  9. Enhances experience feedback


  1. Better accessibility to information
  2. Quality assurance of content and format
  3. Increased traceability and version history
  4. Better collaboration on document production
  5. Ensures the accuracy of the information is both
    correct and up to date
  6. Increased understanding of the processes, routines and the common ways of working
  7. Enables verification of information distribution
  8. Protection against unauthorized access and removal
  9. Integrated and easy to use process modeling