Without the appropriate level of program management capabilities, there is an inherently higher risk of cost and time overruns – as well as the failure to achieve quality objectives. This limits the potential to effectively realize the benefits targeted in the program’s business case.

A structured approach to assessing, planning, and addressing program and project management capability helps organizations:

1. Obtain an accurate understanding of an organization’s program management and project management capabilities and potential capability to meet Federal EVMS requirements if needed.

2. Establish and implement a mechanism to assess the organization across the four critical success factors:

  • Human Capital
  • Management Processes
  • Information/Reporting
  • Integrated Systems

Optimization Model

Lexem’s Optimization Model enables organizations to regain confidence in capability to deliver small, medium and large scale projects as well as meet Federal EVMS requirements and program objectives within their portfolios. Ability to execute processes is optimized, matching the organization’s maturity and positioned to evolve with the organization.

Subject Matter Experts

Lexem’s consultants leverage expertise gained from addressing program management capability challenges with clients from around the world both within the public and private sector. Their broad organizational program management knowledge and experience is complimented with a suite of proven industry standards-based assessment tools and automated process workflows.

Our team consistently adds value to your organization’s:

  • Senior Management Capabilities
  • Project/Product Teams
  • Technical Teams
  • Strategic Business Objectives
  • Lessons Learned
  • Business Processes
  • PM Governance Framework

Some of the benefits of our outsourcing model include:

  • Reducing overhead costs
  • Lower implementation costs
  • Better project management utilization
  • Improved documentation and control
  • No employee turnover or loss of knowledge base
  • Integrated technology and process framework
  • Built-in executive and customer reporting

Our technology solutions can help your organization:

  • Lower internal costs
  • Speed up implementation time
  • Improve project performance and success rates
  • Automate key business processes
  • Improve risk management and ROI
  • Implement effective project governance
  • Meet federal EVM requirements