Biotech PCS Merger

We are pleased to announce that we have merged operation swith Biotech Project Control Solutions LLC (Biotech PCS)

This combines two advanced and innovative enterprises that will bring together a high-performing project management consultancy that provides proven technologies, business processes and management expertise for a diverse client base, executives said in a joint statement. It will provide increased capabilities and services to current and future clients alike.

Biotech PCS will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary owned and managed by Lexem leadership, however it will be able to leverage Lexem resources, technologies, and strong partnerships immediately as part of the merger and now as part of the recently formed Project Solutions Alliance. The Project Solutions Alliance creates a strategic partnership among companies focused on the improvement of Program, Project, and Risk Management services and technologies.

“In response to rapidly-evolving market conditions, and with a continued focus on cost effective, high-quality services, Lexem Strategy and Biotech PCS see the formation of a combined company as the way forward in maintaining a relentless focus on innovation, a commitment to quality, and the continued growth of project management capabilities,” said Mr. Ruggiero, CEO and President of Lexem Strategy LLC.

Ruggiero said, “Through our complementary strengths, Lexem and Biotech PCS will be well-positioned to meet the growing and diverse project management needs of business clients throughout the U.S. and globally.”


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