Fast Implementation

At Lexem we have multitude of project accelerators and implementation techniques that help speed up your systems implementation. No matter what type of Project Management or Earned Value solution you are considering we have the tools and techniques ready to get the job done. And with our outsourced solutions you have an immediate capability ready at your fingertips.

Lexem Strategy has a proven track record of providing customers with high quality Project Control and EVM support that reduces costs and improves implementation time. Lexem recommends outsourcing solutions because they dramatically add value, reduce implementation risks, and provide cost effective strategies to meet your organizational goals and customer requirements.

Lexem Strategy has helped us tremendously in setting up our PMO system for our BARDA project with the United States Health and Human Services… their help on the entire process to baseline our project has been invaluable.

Lily N., Project Management Director at Cempra Pharmaceuticals

Based on our extensive experience, most system implementations usually take 3-4 months or longer and require not only running and operating your own project management infrastructure, but also employing the following key activities:

  • Process development and documentation
  • Personnel training, hiring and retention
  • Infrastructure development and rollout
  • Tools acquisition, training, and installation
  • Validation preparation and training
  • PMBR preparation and training
  • Process refinement and quality reviews

Lexem helps drastically reduce the time required to design, test, train and implement a PMO or EVM System, while eliminating the cost considerations for several of the above mentioned project management activities. With our approach you will have a fully integrated project management solution almost immediately.


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